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I am part of  Slayer Revival’s team for a long time now, a website devoted to the series Buffy and Angel and the Buffyverse actors.

We decided to open our Tumblr and it is now available.

So I will continue to post but this new Tumblr.

You will find pictures of the two series and news of atceurs!

Join us ;)

This blog will no longer be updated but it is still available!

Je fais partie de l’équipe Slayer Revival depuis un long moment maintenant , un site consacré aux séries Buffy et Angel ainsi qu’aux acteurs du Buffyverse.

Nous avons décidé d’ouvrir notre Tumblr et il est désormais disponible.

Je continuerais donc de poster mais sur ce nouveau Tumblr. 

Vous y retrouverez des photos des 2 séries ainsi que les news des atceurs!

Abonnez-vous ;)

Ce blog ne sera donc plus mis à jour mais il reste disponible !

Lyndeline admin of “pictures of Buffy” and “pictures of Angel”

James Marsters - Photoshoot season 2.

Buffy Summers is 32 years old today.
Date of Birth: January 19, 1981

Buffy Summers is 32 years old today.

Date of Birth: January 19, 1981

do you happen to have the pictures eric took of cordelia, willow and buffy in some assembly required?

Unfortunately I do not own these photos but Iwould like so much!!

Have a good day!! :D

Buffy & Angel - Stills from  3x10 “Amends”

Alyson Hannigan & Anthony Stewart Head - On set of 7x18 “Dirty Girls”

Amber Benson photoshoot season 5.

Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Willow & Giles  5x17 “Forever”

David Boreanaz & Sarah Michelle Gellar on set/behind the scenes of “Graduation Day pt 2”

"Pictures of Buffy" & "Pictures of Angel" are back!!!

I hesitated but I back! I was a little angry to see some rare photos that I posted, reappear shortly after Facebook, and without creditation!

But for all the other fans I thought that was unfair, so I’m back!

By against the posts will be a little less regular because I work a lot now.

I’m late but: Happy New Year! : D